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January 15, 2015

~Returning Home~
Aka “White Whale Song”


Every indigenous culture in the world has a White or Spirit animal that is sacred in their beliefs. There are songs, stories and prophecies that embed them into the very core of the people.

Over the last 20 years these Sacred White animals have begun to miraculously reappear in the sacred places of legend. It’s as if the great Creator Spirit spoke and said it’s time to go home you are needed once more. All the legends speak of a time when the Spirit Animals would return and mankind would be once again given the gift of Choice.  The choice to return to a state of balance, peace and love, or to continue the way we are going.


If this speaks to you the Sacred White Whales are singing to you, their song reminds you of who you truly are, it calls for you to be reborn into the state of love and perfection that is your birth rite. It is once again time to dance among the stars and remember our connection to all of creation. The Ancestors are calling will you take time to hear the call and return to the space in your heart that can hear them.

 All is one …. All is Love…… All is Peace

Artist: Duane RedWolf Miles


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