January 30, 2014



This is the second of three insights I would like to share with you for the New Year.   The first was about "JOY" and today is about "PERCEPTION".


The other day I took four photos of the condo where  "JOY" was so beautifully hanging on the balcony.  At first, when I looked at them to decide which to choose, I saw something I just couldn't explain.  Can you see it   ???


So the first photo shows two trees to the left of the balcony, the second photo is a long shot that also shows two trees, however the third photo shows three trees.  Believe me when I tell you, I DID NOT manipulate this photo.  The third photo was taken from an angle as I walked from the parking lot to get directly in front of the condo. It amazes me how the third tree appears perfectly in between the other two trees.  


This got me thinking .... how often we perceive something in our outer world that we would swear on a stack of bibles was true, and that the same thing from just a slightly different angle appears totally different.  What reality do these photos reflect?  To the person walking from the parking lot .... there are three trees. 


Taking it a step further ... Is there is an unseen world that is hidden from our perception?  A world that we do not see reflected in outer world and thus do not consider it reality.  Just a thoughtful question ... would possibly just a slight shift in our angle, also alter our perception of the unseen world?




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